Qualification Tests

Decay curve:
Through repeated sampling of a component is determined whether the selected extraction conditions and parameters are suitable for a defined reduction of the particle load. The decay curve test has to extract as demand at least 90% of the particles.
If this requirement cannot be achieved then the parameters have to be adjusted or a different method is chosen and the test is perform ones again with the new parameters or method. With this measurement, the characteristic parameters of the individual extraction methods are described and the blank value set to the corresponding component. The adequacy of an extraction procedure for a component shall be provided at least once through a decay curve.



Blank value:
Es gibt zwei Arten von Blindwerten:

-> The value, which is reached at a specified procedure for the essential cleaning of the test equipment..
-> The blank value is achieved when a specific test procedure is used for a very specific component..

The blank value (zero probe) is the release of the equipment used and is performed before each test without component. In this case, for example a funnel use for the extraction would be cleaned as long as needed to reach the appropriate blank value.

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